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What We Do

Our core services include:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Site Analysis and Selection

How We Work


The best real estate decisions are made when they are in support of a client’s primary objectives. As such, we spend considerable time and effort in the early part of an assignment communicating with our clients to define and understand their business requirements and goals. Time and again, we have found that this client-focused approach builds trust and confidence. The result? Better decisions, including at times the recommendation to our client that it do nothing at all.

A Unique Organizational and Compensation Structure

Unlike a traditional real estate firm with brokers who work exclusively on a commission basis, MetPartners is organized in the form of a professional services firm. Each member of our firm is a partner in the business and their compensation is based on the performance of the entire company rather than just the deals each has closed. This structure promotes teamwork and collaboration. The result? Better service to and results for our clients.

Client-Aligned Fee Structures

Some assignments are performed on a fee-for-services or retainer basis. In many cases, we have found that these compensation arrangements are beneficial to our clients and better align our interests with theirs. In other instances, the client may determine that incentive or contingent compensation is more appropriate. The result? In every circumstance, our clients have the confidence that our interests are aligned with theirs.

Senior Level Staffing for Every Assignment

MetPartners brings more senior, experienced, hands-on professionals to our assignments than any other firm. Our staff is all located in Seattle and they all have extensive experience with the Puget Sound market and with the active buyers, sellers and brokers of all property types. Because of our professional services structure, we are able to organize our project teams in a way most beneficial for each client by allocating the best people for each assignment. All assignments are managed and executed by principals of the firm. The result? Consistent communication, increased client trust, and consistently high quality outcomes.


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