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Our clients hire us because:

  • We solve problems and create value.
  • We are imaginative, responsive and trusted.
  • They like to work with us, and we with them.

Our clients include some of the Pacific Northwest’s premier companies and institutions including Providence Health System, The University of Washington, Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Pacific University.

Case Studies

Seattle Center

Seattle Center had determined that several pieces of prime real estate in its portfolio were surplus and that it wanted to monetize the value of those properties to support other Center needs. Center Management and the City of Seattle engaged MetPartners to develop and execute a marketing plan to maximize the sale value and assure a timely close. What happened? See the full story here.

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Public Schools needed to raise capital. The sale of surplus real estate was identified as a source of funding. MetPartners was engaged to assess the surplus properties and develop a strategic plan to maximize and unlock the value of those properties. A disposition strategy had to reflect the public’s interest in the properties and their future development as well as the School District’s need to maximize its sales proceeds. What happened? See the full story here.

Trinity Lutheran College

Declining enrollment was having a negative impact on the operating revenues of Trinity Lutheran College (“TLC”). Additionally, TLC was operating a facility that was significantly larger than it needed and the facility costs were a drain on resources. MetPartners was engaged to assist TLC in the disposition of the existing campus and the identification and acquisition of a new campus. The assignment was complicated by the fact that the existing campus constituted the vast majority of the assets of TLC. What happened? See the full story here.


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