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Our Story

MetPartners was founded in 2003 by three senior real estate professionals who worked together for more than ten years, first at at The Norman Company and then at Trammell Crow Company after its acquisition of The Norman Company in 1998.

The firm is located in Seattle and focuses on the Pacific Northwest commercial real estate market with expertise in office, industrial and multifamily residential.

Hallmarks of the Firm

MetPartners is differentiated by its organizational structure, senior level staffing and commitment to long term client relationships.

Each member of the firm is a partner and shares in the success of all our assignments. All of us are committed to the success of each of our clients—we are a professional services firm, not a collection of independent contractors. The firm brings together a diverse set of skills and technical disciplines to focus on developing appropriate real estate strategies that support our clients’ business or institutional objectives.

We are committed to a philosophy of superior client service based on:

  • an organizational structure and compensation system that aligns the firm’s interests with those of our clients
  • a collaborative team-based approach
  • diligent avoidance of conflicts and a dedication to our fiduciary obligations

Our business model includes relationships and services beyond traditional brokerage. This allows MetPartners to assist clients with a wider array of projects, and to develop a longer term “professional services” relationship similar to what accounting or law firms might have with their clients. Our experience has proven time and again that this approach results in a better appreciation for our clients’ needs and greater client satisfaction.

Fundamental to our success is a belief that better real estate decisions are made when they are in support of an organization’s broader objectives and responsive to well defined requirements and needs. Consequently, we spend considerable time and effort working with our clients to understand their business requirements and goals before we begin to plan and execute an assignment. While this adds an additional level of effort, we have consistently demonstrated that this approach results in the best end results for the clients.

We execute our assignments as if our livelihood depends upon achieving successful outcomes for our clients, because it does.

  • We bring the full-weight of our backgrounds, training and education to each assignment
  • We utilize the most advanced and time-tested analytical tools to drive toward a seemingly simple result
  • We emphasize detailed analysis and study in the execution of each assignment
  • Above all, we balance our technical expertise against our most valued skills, sound judgment and market experience

Everything about our firm−its goals, values and structure−are designed to make MetPartners the “go to” advisor of our clients for their real estate assignments and projects. Assisting our clients in these matters is our passion and our profession. Our objective in all assignments is to earn our client’s trust, and from that, cultivate a long-term relationship.


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